Collaborative Workspace - Team Meeting, Polycom, Inc.

Automated Camera Reveal / Hide

Capture the entire room with a patented 360-degree camera for the ultimate collaborative experience. The camera is automatically hidden when the system is not in use.

Touch Screen Simplicity

Control calls and annotate content from anywhere with custom 27” touch monitors for easy access and viewability.

RealPresence Centro

RealPresence Centro changes the way we meet and collaborate so that the technology is no longer a distraction to engagement and interaction, but a seamless, empowering experience that defies distance.

Built-in Convenience

USB ports keep your personal device charged and ready at all times, elegant LCD clock keeps users on task, and LED alerts clearly signal system status. Wheels and simple connectivity enable easy device relocation.

Collaborative Workspace

Team Meeting

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Teams instinctively gather in a circle when they need to get things done. Innovative, Human-centered technology enables more natural brainstorming and efficient problem solving.

To support richer collaboration, users need:

  • Solutions that support the way people communicate
  • Solutions that put people at the center
  • High quality audio, video and content

IT teams need a technology partner who can offer:

  • Easy deployment
  • Intuitive technology
  • Future-proofed solutions